Find the Fun in Learning

with the easiest, cheapest, fastest model for mass procurement and pinpoint distribution of textbooks for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

Who We Are
Cafa Books is the leading procurement and pinpoint distribution company for learning materials in Nigeria’s educational sector. We pride ourselves as a nimble team, responding swiftly to the educational needs of our end users and helping our clients solve some of the biggest procurement and distribution challenges in the Nigerian education sector.
What We Do:
Typically, a school child's list of recommended school textbooks for the school year runs anywhere from 1-20. On ordering from Cafa Books, we acquire and deliver all 20 textbooks publishers-sourced, arranged in a labelled cardboard box for each child, to any location- home or school, within 3-7 days. We supply any number of required textbooks to any number of students under this operating model within Nigeria. Our way guarantees a school child can get all required textbooks right time, right place, right price with minimal fuss to child, parent, teacher or school.
Why Textbooks?

Books, especially textbooks, are critical to learning. Providing key textbooks is the key component in sustainably improving the literacy of developing school children across board. Indeed, a study by the World Bank states: "Textbooks and learning materials show the highest incidence of impact for improving primary school outcomes in many developing countries."

Our Target Clients:

Private Schools


Public Schools through Education Ministries across LGs, States and Federal Government


Intervention or Aid Agencies in the Education Sector


CSR Units of Corporate Organizations acquiring learning materials for school kids

Our Exclusive Bonuses for Clients:

Guaranteed availability and timely delivery of required textbooks publisher-sourced at industry-competitive prices to students or schools in sorted packages to eliminate sorting inconveniences and losses


Free complimentary textbooks for teachers with a class population averaging 20 in client schools for much more effective learning in the classroom


Creation of a writing blog for client school pupils to showcase writings with well-rewarded essay and art competitions among students in client schools.

Our Guiding Philosophy:
Transformatively easing the learning process by disrupting the traditional procurement and distribution process, for all school items, with textbooks procurement and pinpoint distribution per head, at the core of our services.