How We Work

How We Do

Are you a school, corporate organization, private individual or donor agency looking to procure textbooks or other school supplies for school children in the Cafa Way? By the Cafa Way, we mean the most efficient model for distributing school textbooks such that each child gets his own set of textbooks pre-packaged without you worrying about sorting challenges such as no target child being left out or textbooks getting missing or unevenly handed.

The Cafa Way

So, here's how to get on the Cafa Way:

Why Us?

In Cafa's operating model, education supplies acquisition and pinpoint distribution, finds its most seamless, cost-efficient form. Here at Cafa Books, you, as our client, is the CEO with the operations of the firm streamlined towards distinctly satisfying and exceeding your expectations on each project you hand us.

Our Team

The Cafa Team is led by the Founder, Laolu Adeniran, who operates as COO, with an advisory board of 3 Co-Investors. The Founder had had extensive experience in the line of business with years spent garnered overseeing a school bookshop over many school sessions with the idea for Cafa Books coming from interactions with numerous parents, who complained of the time spent queuing for textbooks and other education supplies at the beginning of a new school session and the need to create a much less congested hassle-free system to acquire textbooks, notebooks and other required school materials for school students.

We have a staff strength of 6 including a Sales Manager, 2 Sales persons, 2 Logistics Officers and a Desk Officer with additional staff taken on when dealing with a number of large client projects.

Client Portfolio

Eagles' Tower Schools Bookshop:

"Thanks to Cafa Books, we were able to eliminate the long queues we usually had at the beginning of the school session for a school population in many hundreds (Nursery, Primary and Secondary), such that each child could get her textbooks and other materials, in name-labeled sorted packages, and delivered to desks in the classroom. We definitely don't miss the bookshop traffic."

Bookshop Manager

Eagle's Tower Schools 8-14, Cornelius Nzebuka Street, Federal Govt. Scheme, Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos

CHG 10 Group:

"As ex-coursemates of Chemical Engineering 2010 set at the University of Lagos, we decided to organise a Christmas/End-of-the-Year party for school kids in the Ijora Badia neighbourhood in December 2016. We wanted to hand out textbooks, storybooks, notebooks, school purses, stationery and colouring sets as gifts to the children. Cafa Books not only handled procuring of all the items at competitive prices, but also sorted out the gifts in desired combinations all in 'Merry Christmas' wrappers and in time. As a result, we were able to hand out 600 gift packages to hundreds of kids on the party date, 24th of December, 2016."

Jide Odusoga

Team Lead, CHG '10 Group