Other Services

One Stop Shop

While textbooks procurement and pinpoint distribution form the core of our services, we are also able to comfortably extend the Cafa Model to any number of school materials used by the school child over the course of the year, for interested clients.

This extends to:

I. School Notebooks (branded or generic)

II. School Bags

III. Just about every other item required by students over a full session.

Our All-You-Can-Have Bouquet:

So, our business at Cafa is innovatively easing the procuring and pinpoint distribution model for all educational supplies items for students in nursery, primary and secondary school. Our operating model guarantees a school child can get all required educational items (textbooks, notebooks, school bag, writing tools, drawing tools, sandals, socks as well as school uniforms) all at the right time, right place, right price with minimal fuss.

With our wide umbrella, this means if a client such as a school prefers, we can arrange all required textbooks, a certain number of exercise books intended per child, along with stated numbers of pencils, sharpeners, biros, erasers, drawing books, crayon, pairs of socks and even appropriate rubber sandals neatly arranged into a School Bag or back pack, neatly labelled indicating its contents, so the child-learner recipient or beneficiary can just get the bag containing all she needs to get without any hassles to parent, child, teacher or school.

Ultimately, a one-stop shop for all educational materials any child needs at school delivered in the most curative manner per child. Endless possibilities really.

It's a whole new ball game here!